Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Enter Jumpman

I am happy to announce the first playable version of Jumpman ! Get it here and try it out:

The native bundles come with their own JRE, no need to install or update Java.

Please note the following:

  • I wrote this game to learn about JavaFX and casual game programming.
  • The intended goal of this game is to teach casual game programming in an object-oriented fashion using JavaFX.
  • This is not supposed to be the next Angry Birds, so don't request feature X, Y or Z.

The source code is provided as-is and is currently undocumented. You are free to use this code however you like, as long as you give credit where credit is due.

The roadmap for Jumpman includes the following:

  • Provide a graphical level designer.
  • Replace the artwork with something that will not get me sued. Art students are welcome to participate in developing artwork and setting a theme for the final game.
  • Allow levels and highscores to be submitted online.
  • See if we can get the final game published on the Mac App store.
  • Hope Oracle will support JavaFX on iOS and Android.

A series of blog post explaining some of the parts of the game will follow once the game is near completion. Other features than the ones listed above will probably not be added, in favor of spending more time making accessible learning examples.

Have fun playing around with this, and let me know if you think you've found a bug !
You can reach me at firstname dot lastname at icloud dot com.

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